Sealed Horse

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  • Legislation compliant
  • Accessories included
  • 12 months manufacturer's warranty
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Dimensions in m: 2.00 x 0.74 x 1.35 (L x W x H)
Dimensions in ft: 6.6 x 2.4 x 4.4 (L x W x H)

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Discover endless fun and team-building excitement with AQ2863 Sealed Horses. Available in a vibrant range of colours, these sealed inflatables are designed to elevate your playtime and collaborative activities.

Simple and engaging, these Sealed Horses require a hand-held or OV10 fan (not included) for inflation. Watch as these inflatables come to life, inviting participants to saddle up and bounce their way to victory. Just like space hoppers, users sit on the inflatable horses and bounce to race against each other.

Unleash the joy of friendly competition as you race, bounce, and bond with your teammates. Whether you're planning a corporate event, a school activity, or a social gathering, AQ2863 Sealed Horses add a dash of excitement to every moment.

Boost camaraderie and laughter with the interactive and entertaining AQ2863 Sealed Horses. It's time to saddle up, bounce, and create unforgettable memories together.


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Product CodeAQ2863
Serial Numbers

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Warranty12 Months
Included12 Months Safety Test, Initial Safety Certificate, Operating Instructions,
Length 2.00m / 6.6ft
Width 0.74m / 2.4ft
Height 1.35m / 4.4ft
Unit weight6.5kg
No. of Packages1
Dimensions1 * (0.6 x 0.2 x 0.2)m
Fans required1 x Hand Held / OV10 Fan

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