Scrim Ball Bag

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Introducing the AP3252 Scrim Ball Bag – Your Ultimate Soft Play Ball Solution

Elevate the way you transport, store, and maintain soft play ball pool balls with the ingenious AP3252 Scrim Ball Bag. Engineered with precision, this mesh-backed marvel revolutionizes the management of your soft play essentials.

Effortless Transport and Storage Mastery

Bid farewell to the hassle of moving and storing soft play ball pool balls. The AP3252 Scrim Ball Bag boasts a well-designed meshed back that ensures optimal ventilation. This feature not only facilitates easy transportation but also creates an ideal environment for drying, cleaning, and airing the balls.

Designed for Excellence

Crafted for convenience, this ball bag has been meticulously designed to accommodate approximately 1000 balls. Its capacity is a testament to its effectiveness as a versatile storage solution for soft play areas of all sizes.

Airing Perfection and Maintenance Made Simple

The scrim mesh back of the bag ensures proper ventilation, allowing air to circulate around the balls. This means you can effortlessly maintain their cleanliness and dryness, ensuring that every soft play experience is hygienic and delightful.

Simplify Soft Play Management

The AP3252 Scrim Ball Bag streamlines the entire process of handling soft play balls. From transport to storage and maintenance, it offers an all-in-one solution that saves you time and effort.

Elevate Your Soft Play Experience with AP3252

Experience a new level of organization and efficiency with the AP3252 Scrim Ball Bag. With its innovative design, capacity, and ease of use, this ball bag is the ideal companion for soft play setups of all kinds. Revolutionize your ball pool management today.

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Product Code AP3252
Warranty 12 Months
Unit weight 1kg
Weight 1kg
No. of Packages 1
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