Framed Bungee Rodeo Dolphin

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  • Legislation compliant
  • Accessories included
  • 12 months manufacturer's warranty

Dimensions in m: 6 x 4.5 x 3.2 (L x W x H)
Dimensions in ft: 19.7 x 14.8 x 10.5 (L x W x H)

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Introducing the AQ1944D Bungee Dolphin Rodeo

Get ready for a wild and watery adventure with the AQ1944D Bungee Dolphin Rodeo. This thrilling attraction combines all the excitement of a classic rodeo ride with the fun and unpredictability of a dolphin-inspired twist. It's the perfect addition to your event, providing endless fun for riders of all ages.

Key Features and Benefits:

Rodeo Thrills with a Splash: Climb aboard the bucking dolphin and hang on tight as you attempt to conquer its wild spins, twists, and turns. The dolphin-themed design adds a unique and playful element to the ride.

Safe and Secure: The AQ1944D Bungee Dolphin Rodeo is equipped with a secure harness system, ensuring the safety of riders as they face the rodeo's challenges, both on land and in the water.

Compact and Convenient: With its compact design, this attraction can be set up quickly and easily, making it suitable for various events and venues. It's a fantastic addition to parties, festivals, and more, providing a memorable water adventure.



  • Product Code: AQ1944D
  • Warranty: 12 Months


  • Stakes for stability
  • 12 Months Safety Test
  • Initial Safety Certificate
  • Operating Instructions
  • Storage Bag for easy transportation and storage


  • Product Length: 6m / 19.7ft
  • Product Width: 4.5m / 14.8ft
  • Product Height: 3.2m / 10.5ft
  • Unit Weight: 116kg
  • Packed Weight: 121kg
  • No. of Packages: 1

User(s): Prepare for a splashing good time on the Bungee Dolphin Rodeo, where riders can experience the thrill of a classic rodeo while cooling off in the water.

Make your event unforgettable with this exciting attraction. Contact us today to add a splash of adventure to your venue and create lasting memories for your guests.

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Product Code AQ1944D
Warranty 12 Months
Included Stakes, 12 Months Safety Test, Initial Safety Certificate, Operating Instructions, Storage Bag
Length 6m / 19.7ft
Width 4.5m / 14.8ft
Height 3.2m / 10.5ft
Unit weight 116kg
Weight 121kg
No. of Packages 1
Dimensions 1 * (1.1 x 0.9 x 0.9)m
Fans required 1 x Gibbons 1.5HP Inflatable Fan
Max. users (up to 1m) 1
Max. users (up to 1.25m) 1
Max. users (up to 1.5m) 1
Max. users (up to 3.54m) 1

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