Aqua Vinyl Cleaner – AV2

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Introducing the AP3186 AV2 Aqua Vinyl Cleaner -

Your ultimate solution for maintaining pristine inflatable structures around swimming pools, sports facilities, and outdoor areas. When cleanliness is paramount, Aqua Vinyl Cleaner (AV2) becomes your indispensable partner, ensuring not only a thorough clean but also a safe and hygienic environment.

Unveiling AV2: The Inflatable Cleaning Marvel

For those who offer inflatable structures in aquatic and recreational settings, cleanliness isn't just an option – it's a necessity. With the AP3186 AV2 Aqua Vinyl Cleaner, your maintenance routine transforms from laborious to effortless, saving you valuable time while guaranteeing an impeccably clean inflatable surface.

A Glimpse into AV2's Mastery

AV2 stands as a ready-to-use cleaning solution meticulously crafted for the unique needs of inflatable structures. Designed with precision, this formula embodies innovation, ensuring that your inflatable structures remain not only visually appealing but also free from potentially harmful microorganisms.

Unleashing the Power of AV2

AV2's secret lies in its exceptional formulation. This specialized solution deftly cleanses and disinfects the exterior of inflatable structures, targeting the breeding grounds of bacteria and microorganisms that often accumulate on these surfaces.

The Science Behind AV2's Brilliance

AV2 harnesses the synergy of natural oil-based cleaners and a functional biocide, culminating in an effective and safe disinfection solution. As the cleaning process unfolds, the natural oils work tirelessly to eliminate dirt, body fats, and other undesirable residues that tend to accumulate over time. This is particularly relevant due to both usage and storage factors. Simultaneously, the broad-spectrum biocide within AV2 combats the growth of algae, maintaining a pristine appearance. This biocide continues its vigilant work even during storage periods, ensuring ongoing disinfection.

AV2: Ease of Use & Application Mastery

Applying AV2 is a breeze, thanks to the hand-held pump action spray bottles. Prior to application, make sure the pump action bottle is adequately pressurized. It's important to note that the spray bottle is not included with the product. While handling any chemical, exercise caution and meticulously adhere to the instructions detailed in the product safety data sheet.

Preserving Excellence: AV2's Recommended Usage Frequency

For optimal results, incorporate AV2 into your maintenance routine once a month. By adhering to this schedule, you're ensuring that your inflatable structures maintain their allure, cleanliness, and above all, the safety that your patrons deserve.

Elevate your inflatable structure maintenance regimen with the AP3186 AV2 Aqua Vinyl Cleaner. Experience the power of science-driven cleanliness and safeguard your aquatic and recreational environments effortlessly.

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Product CodeAP3186
Warranty12 Months
IncludedStakes, Pipa Tag with 12 Months Safety Test, Initial Safety Certificate, Operating Instructions, Storage Bag
Unit weight5kg
No. of Packages1
Dimensions1 * (0.2 x 0.4 x 0.4)m

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