7m Rock ‘n’ Roll

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Dimensions in m: 7.1 x 7.1 x 1.4 (L x W x H)
Dimensions in ft: 23.3 x 23.3 x 4.6 (L x W x H)

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AQ3308SP2 7m Rock 'n' Roll: Battle, Balance, and Triumph!

Get ready to engage in an epic showdown of balance, strength, and determination with the AQ3308SP2 7m Rock 'n' Roll. This inflatable gladiator-style duel takes the excitement of a classic duel to a whole new level by adding a thrilling twist: a moving platform that challenges even the most skilled warriors.

Key Features:

  • Gladiator-Style Duel: Step onto the circular inflatable platform, armed with soft pugil sticks, and face off against your opponent. It's a battle of wits, strategy, and balance as you try to knock your rival off the platform while staying on yourself.
  • Dynamic, Moving Platform: What sets the 7m Rock 'n' Roll apart is the dynamic platform beneath your feet. It moves in response to your weight and movements, making it incredibly challenging to maintain your balance. The platform tilts, rocks, and rolls, adding a whole new dimension to the duel.
  • Safe and Fun: Safety is paramount, and this inflatable duel is designed with that in mind. The platform is constructed from durable, high-quality materials to ensure a secure and enjoyable experience. Soft pugil sticks ensure that the battle is fun and safe.
  • Easy Setup: Setting up the AQ3308SP2 7m Rock 'n' Roll is straightforward. The package includes stakes, a 12-month safety test, an initial safety certificate, operating instructions, and a storage bag for your convenience.


  • Product Code: AQ3308SP2
  • Dimensions: 7m (Length)
  • Unit Weight: Varies

The AQ3308SP2 7m Rock 'n' Roll is the ultimate test of balance and skill. Challenge your friends, family, or colleagues to a duel they'll never forget. With the dynamic, moving platform, every match is a new adventure, and victory is that much sweeter. Get ready to battle, balance, and triumph with the AQ3308SP2 7m Rock 'n' Roll!

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Product CodeAQ3308SP2
Warranty12 Months
IncludedStakes, 12 Months Safety Test, Initial Safety Certificate, Operating Instructions, Storage Bag
Length 7.1m / 23.3ft
Width 7.1m / 23.3ft
Height 1.4m / 4.6ft
Unit weight141kg
No. of Packages2
Dimensions1 * (1.2 x 0.9 x 0.9) + 1 * (1.6 x 0.8 x 0.3)m
Fans required1 x Gibbons 1.5HP Inflatable Fan
Max. users (up to 1m)2
Max. users (up to 1.25m)2
Max. users (up to 1.5m)2
Max. users (up to 1.8m)2

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