Airquee Group update – COVID 19.

This is our first update since the COVID pandemic first introduced itself in March 2019. In the last 20 months, Airquee and Airparx have gone from strength to strength, expanding our industry sectors, customer base, product range, product portfolio and global markets of operation. The COVID outbreak saw Airquee use its fortunate resources to aide, facilitate and in some cases outright invest in solutions to help bring about advancements in PPE and direct infection control devices. Our initial philanthropic investment into the development of the Aerosol Shield hood quickly gained wide recognition as being a cost effective device to help prevent the spread of infectious diseases in both hospital, ambulance, dentistry and other medical care environments. At the same time, we saw our infection control doors, decontamination tents, isolation chambers and humanitarian tented hospitals being deployed across the globe where traditional hospitals and medical care facilities do not exist.

As a business determined on excellence and continual development, the pandemic also brough about opportunities to put a smile on the faces of the population by developing product ranges that our traditional customers could rent to domestic households for families and latterly small gatherings. Never before have we felt so proud to develop products that received words of appreciation and thanks because they brough joy and happiness to those who were able to either play, shelter, party, get wet or compete  on an Airquee product during what we all came to know as “lock down.” Our bouncy castles, inflatable slides inflatable obstacle courses and other inflatable games went from strength to strength as we started to tailor make products for bouncy castle hire companies that rented products to domestic homes and not exclusively to event companies.

In our Airparx brand, we expanded our portfolio of products successfully into fun climbing walls, mini golf courses, ninja warrior course, air ninja course, 2nd generation inflatable parks, 2nd generation trampoline parks, high ropes courses, low ropes courses, net courses  and new and exciting soft play areas. The pandemic created an array of problems for our factory based installation team reaching the different projects around the world however, the online instructions we were able to give with live discussions and guidance were world-beating and allowed us to complete parks in Bangladesh, the USA, East Asia and of course Europe. Through our global network we were also able to keep up our maintenance contracts across the globe which meant our customers were always able to react swiftly and confidently regarding opening doors whenever conditions were eased. We are not aware of any other manufacturer being able to claim such an amazing track record with no customers missing an opening deadline.

And to our home country, the UK. At home we await the complete return to normal, waiting for our core market of leisure facilities and swimming pools to return to normal. So far our maintenance services have been crucial in helping our customers get up and running with bringing our inflatables up to scratch & ready for public use. In addition, our extremely fast turnaround of European manufactured product means our clients can order today and receive their products extremely quickly, should they need to replace or grown their inflatable product offering.

With this update, we wish our existing and new clients a swift return to good times and we will be glad to help whenever and however we can.


Airquee & Airparx by Airquee.