How to roll and palletise your inflatable

When moving, shipping or storing your inflatable it is always easiest to manage if the unit is safely rolled up. For shipping this can save time and money.

The pictures below show a pool inflatable – for bouncy castles, the idea is the same although most castles will require more folding before rolling the unit. Please refer to the user operation guides.

Step 1: Deflate the unit – make sure all filler tubes are open.

Step 2: Walk on the unit, from the far end up to the filler pipes to force the air out.

Step 3: When the unit is flat, fold the sides in.

Step 4: Starting from the far end, roll the unit as tightly as you can.

Step 5: When nearing the end, put the tie cord across the pallet and place the end of the unit on the pallet. Roll the unit on to the pallet and tie the cord.

If you need to send a unit back to us for repairs or inspection please follow this guide for safe and secure transport.

Now available in helpful video form!