Bouncy Castle Buying Guide

Airquee is Europe’s largest manufacturer of bouncy castles. We have achieved this position of market leader by designing, manufacturing and supplying high quality bouncy castles time after time to our customers – old and new. To achieve greatness in our field, we have also become renowned for truly excellent back-up and after sales service throughout the UK and Europe with fast and efficient bouncy castle repair and warranty services.

We also have a dedicated line for technical support that offers mechanical and electronic support for our motorised & machine operated bouncy castles and inflatables. We have mobile repair and testing services in the UK and France along with fixed locations for repair services in Holland, Germany, France, the UK, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Belgium.

Why Airquee Bouncy Castles? Airquee has several unique benefits that make us the biggest bouncy castle manufacturer and the primary port of call for bouncy castle sales in the UK.

  • Competitive prices. Airquee manufacture everything in-house so we are the original manufacturer. So many companies these days are subcontracting their manufacturing which means profit is being made in 2 places. To maintain competitiveness these companies need to lower their standards on either quality or customer service.
  • Excellent and consistent quality, everything is designed and manufactured in our own facilities with no outsourcing or subcontracting.
  • Superior digital printing and hand painting with unique protective covering.
  • Implementation, harmonisation and inclusion of the highest quality materials and accessories.
  • All-inclusive prices that means there are no unforeseen extras or surprises. Our bouncy castles include all necessary accessories and ancillary equipment such as anchorage stakes, protective transport bags and return to base warranty. Only VAT and delivery are normally excluded. There may be exceptions to this so please check with our sales team. Examples are sometimes ball-pond-balls.
  • Unrivalled customer service, support and back up service.
  • Options for customised and bespoke bouncy castles. Because Airquee designs and manufactures everything in-house, we can easily manipulate designs to fit your brand or desired theme.
  • Safety first. Airquee has an international reputation for compliance to safety standards and a high level of understanding of EN14960, the dedicated to inflatable bouncy castles and associated inflatable bouncing equipment. We have a saying in the company – “one way in and one way out.”  This means that we design our inflatable bouncy castles to always contain children safely which means we add inconspicuous but important design and manufacturing aspects such as sewing roofs to walls, installing back window in-fills and adding extra safe entrance steps to make sure children cannot escape the bouncy castle by climbing over side walls and back walls.
  • Advanced documentation and paperwork. Airquee provides excellent technical data, instructions and certification data to support our bouncy castles. Insurance companies are very aware of Airquee bouncy castles and they are aware of our technical and health and safety proficiency. 
  • Leaders in the industry. Airquee has worked hard to establish its position as Europe’s biggest manufacturer and market leader. This position gives us an abundance of design and manufacturing flexibility to be fast and efficient when creating your bouncy castle.

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Fantastic Bouncy Castle Artwork

Airquee is synonymous with high quality and vibrant printing on our bouncy castles, as well as original and fun artwork with incredible attention to detail. We use the highest quality printers and superior protective coatings. We employ 3 full-time CGI artwork designers to do a combination of creating new artwork for our own Airquee themes and manipulating artwork supplied by marketing agencies, global brands and end clients. This superb quality has helped us be successful with the brands that we have acquired licenses for, such as Nickelodeon and Entertainment One.

Unique licensed product

Airquee is the only UK and European company to hold licenses for Nickelodeon and Universal brands. This is unique and a first for the territories. Airquee has a reputation for being a serious business that respects such intellectual property. It is our reputation that in no small part is responsible for us gaining these accolades.

Variety of Airquee bouncy castles sizes and styles

Airquee provide a variety of bouncy castles with different styles, appearance and play style. No other manufacturer has a range as large as Airquee and nobody else creates as many new designs each year. Our bouncy castles include the following ranges:

A Frame bouncy castles

A Frame bouncy castles are arguably the most common and traditional bouncy castles manufactured. Airquee design potentially the safest A Frames on the market because the walls, roofs and back walls are completely enclosed which means the only possible way in and out is through the front entrance. They include a shower proof roof and come in a variety of themes. Click Here to view the range of A Frame Bouncy Castles

Pillar and Beam / H Frame bouncy castles

Pillar and Beam bouncy castles, also known as H Frames are based on the A Frame structure but the roof and frame is removed. Very often there is a beam above the entrance that creates the H appearance. H Frames are normally purchased because they are more likely to fit indoors. They are also great for climates where there is little or no rain, or at least reliable weather. Click Here to view the range of Pillar & Beam Bouncy Castles

Combi / combo bouncy castles

Combi / combo bouncy castles are extremely popular and these bouncy castles have a slide attached, normally to the side or from the front. We have a large variety of Combi castles available from stock in a variety of different themes.  Click Here to view the range of Combi Bouncy Castles

Disco Dome Bouncy Castles

Disco Bouncy Castles have made a resurgence in the past few years and Airquee has the biggest range of Disco Bouncy Castle range. Indeed we have probably sold considerably more than any other manufacturer in the world. Disco Dome bouncy castles have integrated pockets for lights and speakers and bring a really good atmosphere into the bouncy castles. It has become very popular to integrate lights and speakers into many other bouncy castles and because Airquee manufactures everything in-house, it is very easy for us to add this functionality to our inflatables. Click Here to view the range of Disco Bouncy Castles

Multi play bouncy castles

As the name for suggest, multi play bouncy castles include more interactivity and challenges than standard bouncy castles. Multi play inflatables invariably include obstacles such as biff bash, holes, hoops, climbs, slides and tunnels. Multi play bouncy castles are extremely popular for fixed site facilities as well as bouncy castle hirers. Click Here to view the range of Multi Play Bouncy Castles.

Baby and toddler bouncy castles

The baby and toddler bouncy castle market is increasingly growing as fixed site locations and rental operators realise it is extremely worthwhile offering activities for the youngest market in the spectrum. This makes perfect sense when considering when people have children, the age gap between first, second and third child and more is not usually very big. Click Here to view the range of Baby & Toddler Bouncy Castles.

Licensed bouncy castles

Airquee is the only manufacturer in the UK and Europe to hold licenses for bouncy castles. The Nickelodeon license gives us the exclusive license for the following:

  • PAW Patrol bouncy castles.
  • Dora the Explorer bouncy castles.
  • Dora and Friends bouncy castles.
  • Shimmer and Shine bouncy castles.
  • Blaze and the Monster machines bouncy castles.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles bouncy castles.
  • SpongeBob Square Pants bouncy castles.

Themed bouncy castles

We also offer themed bouncy castles and ordinarily themed bouncy castles by Airquee will have more than wonderful artwork and printing. With themed bouncy castles, we also incorporate some kind of 3D detail. Examples of theming on the bouncy castles that we offer are princess carriages, turreted and castle bouncy castles, tractor bouncy castles, fire engine bouncy castles.

Bouncy Castle Packages

Airquee manufactures and offers a variety of bouncy castle packages for sale. Our sales team have a huge amount of combined knowledge and our specialist advisors can put packages together that will be right for the business you intend to create and start. indeed, we make some packages for already existing companies and customers. Bouncy castle packages are a great way to get value for money as well as by keeping up to date of the most common popular trends. Contact our sales team for the latest bouncy castle package deals.

Ensure you are buying commercial bouncy castles.

As bouncy castles become more popular, supermarkets and other outlets are manufacturing bouncy castles for domestic use. There is nothing wrong with that. However, if you are considering starting a bouncy castle hire business, you need to make sure that you buy from a manufacturer such as Airquee that offer commercial bouncy castles . Commercial bouncy castle manufacturers have the knowledge and experience regarding what you need to do when offering a bouncy castle for public use. Airquee is the UK and Europe’s biggest commercial bouncy castle manufacturer so when you buy something from us, you are in safe hands.

Why not take a look at our factory where all the bouncy castles are made: