Air Rent

**Please note Air Rent is only for leisure centres – Unfortunately we cannot offer this service to any individuals, hirers, sporting groups, community centres or other organisations due to insurance restrictions.**

Airquee Air Rent is the rental division of Airquee Ltd specialising in making our range of inflatables available to leisure centres on short, medium or long term rental periods.

Air Rent is the alternative rental and purchasing solution that you’ve been waiting for! This revolutionary concept has been successfully tested and assessed by Airquee Ltd and we are proud to now be able to offer pool and land inflatables for hire to leisure centres and sport facilities.

It has a huge benefit to those on a strict budget, secure in the knowledge that all costs are covered, no unexpected expenditure! All accessories are provided with the inflatable and we offer complimentary marketing support. We deliver and collect on your chosen dates, for which there is a charge.

Short Term Rental

1) Rent a pool or land inflatable for 2 to 4 weeks – the perfect solution for school holidays!
2) Choose an inflatable from our short term range.

Mid to Long Term Option

1) Rent a pool or land inflatable for over a month. The longer the contract, the better the rates!
2) Choose from wide range of inflatables.
3) Comes with a service package including any warranty repairs and testing.
4) Rotation of units (dependent on length of contract).

Rent-to-Buy Option

1) Allows you to purchase your own inflatable.
2) Flexible payment period – spread the cost.
3) Choose from our range or have a custom designed inflatable.
4) Comes with 1 year warranty.

These are examples of inflatables offered. Please contact us to find out what is available.

The key benefits to the Air Rent concept are:

  1. Increase your profits: For a small amount of money, the footfall you can generate through your facility can be massively increased on both the dry-side and wet-side. Parties, fun sessions, pool parties and parent & toddler sessions are a small example of methods our equipment can offer.
  2. No up-front expenditure: The cost per week is very low and all maintenance costs are covered by Airquee.
  3. Unique rotation system: This system allows you to rotate your unit to keep the products fresh and exciting for your clients.
  4. Zero service costs: Airquee will keep the equipment fully maintained.
  5. Wide variety of products: Due to our manufacturing capability, we can make a wide range of products available.
  6. Marketing support: We can help advertise the products you rent and the events they provide to visitors.
  7. Attract new customers. With the ability to offer a wide range of products at a low cost, the entertainment offered to clients can be increased massively.
  8. You can have the chance to either continually rent our products or use the amount of rental money paid to purchase your product outright, with the majority of money paid via rental removed from the balance.

Airquee Air Rent is a great way for new and existing customers to benefit in multiple ways from this expanding part of our business. The key benefits outlined above appear straightforward and risk free because they are! Please call our Sales team for more details.