Our production

  • Largest inflatable manufacturer in Europe
  • Any design is possible
  • Consistent manufacturing quality


Our Manufacturing Hub

At the heart of Airquee’s success story lies our expansive manufacturing facility, establishing us as Europe’s premier inflatable manufacturer. Our journey to prominence is a testament to our renowned design, impeccable manufacturing, uncompromising quality, and exceptional customer service. In an era where companies frequently turn to Chinese imports, Airquee takes pride in owning and operating its manufacturing facility. Here, cutting-edge technologies are seamlessly integrated into our design, cutting, printing, and stitching processes.

Why Choose Airquee’s Manufacturing Advantage?

  1. Competitive Pricing: Benefit from our commitment to providing products at competitive prices, ensuring you receive exceptional value for your investment.
  2. Unwavering Quality: Expect nothing but consistency in manufacturing quality from Airquee. Our dedication to precision guarantees products that exceed expectations.
  3. Swift Delivery: Time is of the essence, and we recognize it. Our streamlined processes enable us to offer swift delivery times, getting our exceptional inflatables to you promptly.
  4. Limitless Design Potential: With Airquee, your imagination knows no bounds. We transform your ideas into reality, crafting unique designs that mirror your vision.

At Airquee, our manufacturing prowess transcends boundaries, offering an unparalleled blend of innovation, value, and commitment to meet your inflatable needs.

Innovation in Design: Crafting Inflatable Dreams

Welcome to the Design Room at Airquee Inflatables, where ingenuity knows no bounds. We harness the cutting-edge iterations of conceptual and architectural design software to breathe life into artistic visions and technical blueprints. This meticulous process ensures that each creation is faithfully replicated, promising unwavering consistency and superior quality during manufacturing.

In the Design Room, we go beyond the conventional, forging a realm of innovation where ideas come to life with precision and flair.

Precision Cutting: Crafting Excellence

Airquee Inflatables thrives on precision, shaping manufacturing to its finest. As the world’s largest user of Swiss precision cutting machines, we ensure unwavering accuracy and quality. Often utilised by Formula One teams for carbon fiber parts, our machines symbolise our commitment to consistency. Amid an industry where manual methods persist, our dedication stands as a beacon of excellence. Experience the fusion of technology and craftsmanship, where every detail embodies perfection.

Seamstress Excellence: Where Craft Meets Perfection

A stroll through our factory often leaves visitors in awe of the impeccable order surrounding our core equipment. Airquee Inflatables proudly relies on state-of-the-art stitching machines sourced locally, meticulously maintained under ongoing contracts to ensure uninterrupted precision. Our dedication to quality is further amplified by our use of top-tier German thread, an essential ingredient in cultivating our renowned reputation for durability, reliability, and uncompromising quality.

Welding Excellence and Rigorous Testing

Airquee’s welding division stands as a paragon of skill and proficiency in the realm of inflatables. Years of meticulous research led us to the ultimate choice: a German supplier steeped in decades, even centuries, of industry-associated expertise. This selection is a testament to our commitment to quality. Our welding department continues to impress both current and prospective clients who tour our factory, captivated by the unparalleled caliber of our work. Central to this excellence is our decision to invest in the most premium machinery available worldwide, a choice that has proved not only the most expensive but also the very best.

Stock Mastery: Where Solutions Materialize

Airquee’s stock room surpasses Europe’s major material distributors in raw resources. This strength fuels our unwavering support to clients. Global brands, marketing agencies, and event companies often face last-minute project approvals. Our solution? Airquee manufactured a city-spanning 1-kilometer slide in 6 weeks due to our ample material reserves.

Digging deeper, we maintain a staggering 3-month material stock at any time. This demonstrates our dedication to reliability and agility, ensuring clients’ visions become reality without compromise.

Precision Printing at Airquee

In the world of inflatables, responsibility is paramount for manufacturers, suppliers, and operators. However, a concerning trend has emerged – many manufacturers use inks that flagrantly disregard international standards for solvents, inks, and safety. Airquee’s approach is steadfast. We scrutinize our printing policy annually, opting for top-tier Japanese technology and European inks. This choice ensures not only premium quality but also safeguards for our employees and consumers alike.