Our production

  • Largest inflatable manufacturer in Europe
  • Any design is possible
  • Consistent manufacturing quality

Our factory

Airquee is the largest inflatable manufacturer in Europe and our growth is a result of a reputation for fantastic design, manufacture, quality and customer service. At a time when many companies are importing products from China, Airquee is in the fortunate position of owning its own manufacturing facility. We use some of the most advanced technologies in the industry in our design, cutting, printing and stitching functions.


1) Competitive prices.
2) Consistent manufacturing quality.
3) Quick delivery times.
4) Any design possible.

Design Room

Airquee uses the most advanced version of all conceptual & architectural design programs so that artwork and technical plans can be replicated to guarantee consistency and quality in manufacture. We are lucky to have decades of combined design experience with a team who have worked on some of the most renowned projects globally, to enhance their knowledge, ability and appreciation of market demands & customer requirements.


Airquee places huge emphasis on maintaining pinpoint accuracy and therefore consistency in manufacture. To achieve this we are the biggest inflatable user globally of the most precision cutting machines which come from Switzerland. Our machines are used by Formula One teams for their carbon fibre parts, a comparison alone that demonstrates our investment and emphasis on quality in an industry where many suppliers still cut by hand using scissors and knives.

Stitching facilities

When walking around our factory, visitors are often astonished how clean and tidy our primary equipment is. Airquee uses the best stitching machines from local suppliers with an ongoing maintenance and renewal contract to help ensure our machines never miss a beat. We also use the best German thread on the market which helps contribute towards our outstanding reputation for quality, reliability and durability.

Welding and Testing

Airquee’s welding department is one of the most experienced and proficient in the inflatable world. After years or research to identify and select the best welding machines for inflatable production, we decided finally on a German supplier with decades – even centuries – of experience in industry associated equipment. When our current and potential clients visit our factory they are continually impressed by the quality of our work. This is in no small part supported immensely by the fact that Airquee decided to buy the most expensive machinery on the global market which also turned out to be the best.

Stock Room

Airquee holds more raw materials in stock than the biggest distributor of materials in Europe. This is an absolute and vital core competency to the Airquee business that helps us support our clients to the fullest. Very often, global brands, marketing agencies and event companies are not always able to achieve final sign-off for projects until very late in the day. Last year, Airquee was able to provide a client with a 1 kilometre slide through the city within 6 weeks because we held enough material in stock to manufacture the product. To elaborate further, we hold 3 months’ worth of consumption in stock at any particular time.

In House Printing

Both manufacturers, suppliers and operators of inflatables have an obligation to do the right thing. These days far too many manufacturers are using inks that categorically do not meet international standards regarding solvents, inks and over-all safety. Airquee reviews its printing policy annually which results in us using the best Japanese technology and European inks to maintain both quality, employee safety and consumer protection.

Hand Painting

Airquee uses multiple technologies, fabrics and materials. We also use a combination of hand paint and print. Sometimes hand painting is required because printing does not always match the fabric or composition method we employ. On other occasions, it is purely because customers prefer the appearance of paint compared to ink. Either way, Airquee can satisfy requirements and we have more than 10 painters on hand to achieve the appearance we require.

  • 1000’s of units ready for next day dispatch
  • Designed and manufacturered in Europe
  • Europe’s largest inflatable manufacturer
  • Custom and bespoke inflatables
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