Medical Inflatables

Discover Airquee’s range of specialized inflatables designed for medical purposes. From isolation units to mobile clinics, our inflatables provide innovative solutions for healthcare needs.

Medical & Emergency Tents

Airquee offers a range of inflatable medical tents and emergency tents, providing rapid deployment solutions for disaster response and emergency preparedness. Our reliable and high-quality products have been utilised in various medical crises globally, including Ebola outbreaks and the COVID-19 pandemic. From temporary hospitals to versatile structures, our medical tents have played a crucial role in providing necessary facilities during emergencies. Explore our inflatable and metal framed tents for medical and emergency purposes.

Individual Isolation

Airquee specialises in developing individual isolation units that are crucial in emergency situations, including health services, emergency services, humanitarian efforts, and the military. With a proven track record, we delivered isolation units during the Ebola Crisis and COVID-19 pandemic. Our units are designed for efficient and practical medical treatment, both on-site and off-site. Using air and gas-tight materials, we ensure complete containment. Some units feature access points for medical procedures while maintaining isolation. From rapid deployment isolation shelters to environmental control units, Airquee’s expertise ensures effective solutions for isolation and patient care.

Inflatable Isolation Door

Airquee’s Individual Isolation tents and gas-tight inflatable doors play a crucial role in preventing the spread of viral infections. These solutions provide isolation during non-patient activities like cleaning and maintenance, or for isolating infected patients temporarily, such as during a pandemic outbreak. Our Decontamination door, tested with the UK NHS using hydrogen peroxide, enables decontamination of individual bays without closing entire wards. This functional isolation door is user-friendly and quickly deployable. Our tents effectively isolate patients on an individual basis, minimizing infections within hospitals and field settings. Our proven solutions were employed during the Ebola and COVID-19 epidemics.

Decontamination tents

Airquee’s Inflatable Decontamination Tents provide a secure environment for the decontamination of individuals in the event of chemical or biological attacks. Developed in collaboration with the UK National Health Service (NHS), our tents were adopted by various trusts to prepare for such emergencies. We offer customisation options, including fittings for showers, air conditioning, windows, doors, and other essential features to accommodate your technical requirements. Our tents are a vital tool in ensuring effective response and preparedness for chemical or biological incidents.

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