Finance your Inflatable and Softplay Products

Upgrade Your Business with Equipment Financing

Unlock top-tier equipment through hassle-free leasing. Seeking the best tools for your business’s growth? Equipment leasing offers fixed-term financing and repayments, coupled with extensive tax benefits (leveraged by 90% of The Times’ Top 100 companies).

Amid bank lending constraints, our funders provide competitive equipment leasing, sparing you from a hefty upfront investment.

Maximize profitability by preserving working capital, channeling it into more lucrative avenues. Equipments deserve to generate revenue – just as you wouldn’t prepay staff, your equipment’s value should earn its keep.

Why Lease Equipment with Johnson Reed?

  • Boost Profitability: Maintain working capital for more lucrative investments.
  • Enhance Cashflow: Acquire new equipment without depleting cash reserves.
  • Access Premium Quality: Utilize the latest cutting-edge equipment.
  • Pay as You Use: Spread costs over the equipment’s lifespan (3-5 years).
  • Tax Benefits: Enjoy full tax deductions on lease payments.
  • Upgrade with Ease: Upgrade or extend equipment usage effortlessly.
  • Budget Confidence: Fixed repayments provide financial predictability.
  • Streamlined Payments: Convenient single rental covering equipment and extras.
  • Preserve Credit Lines: Leasing doesn’t impact existing credit lines.
  • Flexible Buyout: Simple end-of-term buyout option for added flexibility.
Want to find out more about equipment leasing? Get in touch with our friendly, specialist team.

Disclaimer: All finance is provided by Johnson Reed business finance. Leasing is suitable for UK business users only. This can include new or established businesses. Quotation is only valid for Limited companies and is for illustration purposes only. Subject to status and credit approval. E&OE. Documentation fees may apply. A deposit/advance rental and/or personal guarantee may be required. Title transfer/ownership options are available at end of lease term.