PVC Colour Chart

PVC Colour Chart: Exploring Vibrant Possibilities

At Airquee, Europe’s premier supplier of inflatable play equipment, we employ diverse materials for various applications. Our meticulous selection process ensures the utmost standards in performance, durability, and quality.

With an extensive array of materials in a captivating range of colors, our selection offers a vibrant palette. Glossy PVC lends a fresh and thrilling appearance, promising years of delight with proper upkeep. Our unique PVC is exclusively crafted, boasting properties such as antibacterial and antifungal protection. Experience the Airquee difference in both aesthetics and functionality.

PVC Colour Range

PVC Colour Chart - Discover a spectrum of vivid shades for Airquee's inflatables.

Note: The provided images represent the actual PVC material. We’ve endeavorer to capture them in neutral light. Please use these images as reference, understanding that colours may vary. Additionally, the quality of your viewing device can influence the perceived hues. Your discretion is appreciated.