Experience the Thrills: Explore Airquee’s Inflatable Land Slides Collection

Discover the Ultimate Thrills with Inflatable Land Slides by Airquee Inflatables. Building upon the triumph of our pool inflatables, our range of water slides and slip and slides designed for land use has ignited a wave of excitement. Leveraging our extensive expertise in crafting pool inflatables, we have engineered exceptional water slides suitable for both rental ventures and permanent installations.

Our inflatable land slides boast an array of vivid colours, captivating artwork, and themes that ignite wonder. The plush foam steps ensure a user-friendly journey, while our steadfast commitment to safety guarantees unparalleled peace of mind for you and your clients. The incorporated pools feature sealed linings and water evacuation valves, ensuring seamless functionality. Crucial components are thoughtfully designed for effortless removal, streamlining operation and simplifying maintenance.

Among our offerings, the renowned Ventry Glisse stands out. Its versatile design can be utilised as a standalone attraction or seamlessly integrated onto the front of an adapted waterslide. This flexibility adds a new dimension to your offerings, enhancing your ability to cater to diverse preferences and event requirements.

Our materials are carefully treated to possess anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and low wicking properties, making them perfectly suited for water environments. Dive into our stock section to explore a variety of inflatable water slides available for purchase and prompt delivery from our UK warehouse.

Elevate your bouncy castle hire or events company with the exhilarating world of Airquee Inflatables. Enthral your customers with the excitement of land-based water slides. Contact us today to explore our offerings, discuss customisation options, and seize the opportunity to add a thrilling new dimension to your business. Purchase your own inflatable land slide and embark on a journey of endless adventure!

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