Custom and Bespoke Inflatables

Unleash Your Imagination with Custom Inflatables Airquee is a leader in crafting personalised and unique inflatables for leisure, industry, and promotions. Our motto ‘If you can imagine it, we can make it’ underscores our commitment to bespoke creations. Explore how we bring concepts to life, including custom product replicas, promotional bouncy castles, inflatable tents, and branded racing arches.

Bespoke & Custom Bouncy Castles

At Airquee, we specialize in crafting custom bouncy castles tailored to your brand or personal preferences. With over three decades of experience, we’ve designed bouncy castles for TV ads, festivals, and more. Our in-house design and manufacturing ensure top-notch quality, creativity, and exceptional value for your vision.

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Customisation McDonalds Bouncy Castle

Bespoke Inflatables

Elevate your brand or business with inflatable product replicas. From oversized power tools to giant apples, Airquee crafts bespoke inflatables that capture attention. Incorporate lights, sounds, and even suspended installations for a truly unique promotion. With limitless possibilities, we turn your ideas into inflatable reality.

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Customisation Inflatable Drill

Custom Inflatable Arches & Gantries

Elevate your events with tailored inflatable start and finish arches. Crafted to your specifications, our arches come in various shapes and sizes, offering air-tight or continuous blower options. From prestigious cycling races like the Tour de France to diverse events, Airquee’s expertise shines. We use top-notch digital prints and 3D emblems for a perfect match to your vision. Explore our race and point of sale arches below.

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Customisation Inflatable Arch Basketball

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